About Donatello

At Donatello, we are embracing the inventive thinking of the great Italian artist Donatello, who bridged the gap between the old and the new world. 

Our fundamental design premise is to offer an authentic luxury product through comfort and style creating extraordinary value.

Donatello offers today's knowledgeable customer a luxury product that is normally reserved for luxury brands. 

In the early renaissance, Donatello’s innovative approach was the key factor for his success, always searching for unique methods to create his masterpieces. He was a fundamental inspiration to all the great Master Artists of the time…, we embrace Donatello’s ingenuity and inherit this philosophy combining new technologies with modern expression… 

“Made in Italy” is synonymous with luxury, and luxury is synonymous with quality. Through Innovation, Creativity and Technical Advancements, Donatello bridges the gap between the old world and the new millennium…


donatello shoes production made in italy